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L3-AK is a rover that you sent to space quite a while ago, with the mission of finding, and hopefully signs of life!

Time has passed and science and technology has become more and more advanced. It is now possible to controls rovers remotely by talking to them with a messaging app!

This game is a chat-bot based game, directly playable with Telegram.

If you don't have Telegram, download it here: https://telegram.org/

The game is live, but that might not be the case in the future. If it is, you can initiate the conversation with L3-AK by:

Enjoy :)

Self-Host the bot

The code is public and available at the following address: https://github.com/jtpio/ngj16

Follow the instructions in the README.md file to know how to run your own bot.


Maria Liljenhjerte - Art
Dharam Kapila - Programming
Daniel Murray - Programming
Jeremy Tuloup - Programming

Special thanks to Jonathan Grace for the logo and Martin Barreby for the audio clip.

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